Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Supply List

The following is the supply list for 3rd and 4th Grade:

pencils * can be wooden or mechanical - if mechanical please supply lead refills
erasers *
crayons * 24 pack is big enough
colored pencils * Crayola tend to work the best. Rose Art tend to splinter when sharpened
1 box of skinny markers
1 box of regular markers
2 glue sticks *
2 dry erase markers *
1 red pen
1 pencil bag or box - please no magnetic pencil holder - they tend to get knocked off of the desk quite frequently
2 wide ruled notebooks *
2 folders *
1 highlighter
1 3-ring binder - no bigger than 1 inch
2 boxes of Kleenex * we tend to need more right after Christmas
Clorox wipes are always needed - if you find a good deal we would greatly appreciate them

4th Grade
need blue or black eraserable pens * these tend to be more difficult to find after the school sales.

**** The items starred are the items that we tend to run out of very quickly. Therefore, you may want to stock up while the prices are right. Sometimes the folders and notebooks can become very tattered and worn, even ripped and will need to be replaced usually around Christmas time. Pencils and erasers go quickly and may need to be replaced weekly or monthly.

Thank you and see you soon!