Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picture Day

Just a reminder that Thursday is Picture Day. Please make sure each child has their picture form/payment tomorrow. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Science Test - Please study your outline. ALL test questions are from the outline. You will have 11 multiple choice and 2 short answers. Also the extra credit has to do with how radiation, conduction, and convection all work together on Earth's surface.

Religon Test - The students need to study their notes and the Beatitudes found on page 112. You may want to use index cards and write the first part of the Beatitude on one side and the second part on the back. The test will consist of multiple choice, matching, and 2 short answers.


I want to extend a warm welcome to William Ollberding. We are excited to have him in our class.

Friday, October 21, 2011

First Week Back

We had a great week back. I hope everyone had a wonderful fall break.

Don't forget next Thursday is picture day and Friday is report card conferences.

We also will be having our Science Test on Wednesday. The students have most of their outline filled in. We will be doing the 2 short answers on Monday.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Social Studies Test

The test will consist of multiple choice and matching. All test questions come from the student's outline. Also be sure to look over the latitude and longitude page that is marked in the outline. There will be 5 or 6 multiple choice questions using a map and latitude/longitude.

Math Test

3rd Grade Math - Chapter 2.
Be able to do column addition with up to 3 numbers into the thousands. EX. 5,678 + 456 + 67. Students will need to be able to align the numbers and then find the sum.

Practice estimating to the tens, hundreds, and nearest dollar to find the sum. (pg 70)
Review front end estimation (pg 68)

There will be several word problems, such as: There were 145 girls entered in the speech contest. There were 56 boys entered. How many entries were there in all?

A good page to practice is 96 in the student textbook.

4th Grade Math - Chapter 2
Know the properties on page 68.

Estimate by rounding to the greatest place in common and to the nearest dollar.

Be able to add and subtract with regrouping.

There will be several word problems such as: The temperature on April 1st was 11 F warmer than it was on February 1st in Bend, Oregon. If the temperature was 48 F on February 1st, then what was the temperature in Bend, Oregon on April 1st?

There will be several problems that involve money.

A good page or two to practice is 90 or 92.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dress Code

Just a reminder that on Monday students are NOT permitted to wear shorts. We have entered the fall season and long pants or the girls' jumpers are required. Girls are allowed to wear leggings however, they need to be SOLID navy, white, or gray. Also, please check your child's socks. The handbook states: White, red or navy blue socks must be worn above the shoe without exception. SOCKS MUST BE VISIBLE. I have seen all colors of socks including neon with designs and have also have failed to see socks on a child. Also with the cooler temperatures make sure your child has the correct sweatshirt - NO HOODIES, and/or sweater - pullover or cardigan of solid gray, red, white, or navy blue. If the student doesn't wear the uniform sweater or sweatshirt they have to leave it with their backpacks and I do not want anyone being cold in the classroom. Please check before your child comes to school and stress the dress code with them.
Thank you.