Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tournament Week

Good Luck to all teams playing in this week's tournaments!  
Play hard, have fun, and reach for the Stars!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Religion notes have been placed in Study Stacks for your studying pleasure.  Test is on Thursday.

Valentine's Day - the students will have a chance to pass out Valentine's and treats if they wish.  We will be doing this around 1:30 on Friday.  We will not do anything "big."  If the students want to just have their name on the cards, then they don't have to worry about who gets what (unless they want to). We will not be making any card bags or boxes to place their Valentine's in.  So if your student likes these things, they may make it at home and bring it to school with them on Friday.

Don't forget that we WILL be in school next Monday.  Also next Wednesday starts a busy but exciting time as our annual basketball tournament gets started.  Check the schedule and come cheer on our favorite students to a victory.