Monday, April 13, 2015


We will begin testing on Wednesday, April 15th.
Some good testing practices are listed below:
1.  Get plenty of sleep
2.  Eat a healthy breakfast before school
3.  Bring a healthy snack - we need brain food
4.  Bring a water bottle
5.  Try your best and smile :)

Please encourage you child(ren) to try their best and to take their time.


What Parents Can Do At Home

Test-Taking Tips

• Acknowledge test-taking anxiety as normal, but stay positive.
In class we discussed that it is normal to be nervous, but we need to try and relax.  Just try our best.

• Encourage your child to think positive thoughts like “I can do this!”
We talked about how to eliminate their choices and to go with the choice they felt was the best answer.

• Go over the test-taking tips with your child.
Relax, stay calm, try your best, take deep breaths if feeling nervous, concentrate, try the answers, work out the problems, etc.

• Adequate rest makes a difference! Make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable time; being active earlier in the day (not right before bed) can help kids get to sleep.

• Nutrition also influences how well children do on test; a good breakfast is important, but a large meal right before the test can be distracting.

Pack a healthy snack - we will be needing BRAIN FOOD!

Remember it's okay not to know everything - unlike class tests, these tests will have some questions designed to challenge the limits of your knowledge.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Be looking and asking for the papers that went home today with your child(ren).  There is information about our upcoming field trip, our Derby Day Hats, and the field trip we missed due to inclement weather.