Monday, November 28, 2016

Advent Pals

I can't believe that Advent time is upon us!
Today we received our Advent Pals.  Each student has been given a name of another person in the classroom.  They are to try their best and keep this person a secret.  Each week we will be doing something kind for our Advent pal.  The students are welcome to do extra each week if they choose.  Sometimes students will give little homemade items or slip a candy cane or piece of candy into their pal's desk.  Students will be doing these things at home, so they can disguise their handwriting and truly be secretive.

Week 1:  A Blessing.  A little note blessing their pal with something this Advent season.
Examples:  I bless you with . . . . .
                   kindness and good health.
                   the love of friends and family.
                   happiness and cheer.

Week 2:  Acrostic - take pal's first name and write vertically.  Next to each letter write a short phrase about that person (remember to be kine).
Example:     Totally fun person
                     Interested in sports
                    My friend who cares

Week 3:  Advent card - Not Christmas

Week 4:  Advent gift - no more than $5 or can be homemade.  Send the gift in wrapped and with the pal's name on it.  Do not put who it is from.

Remember Advent is the season to prepare for the birth of Jesus.  Let's prepare together in our random acts of kindness towards each other.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016