Contact Info/Helpful Hints

I check my emails in the evening.  So if it is an emergency please call school and I will contact you as soon as I can.  

School:  441-3423 Ext. 4

Student Planner:  Write a note in your child's planner and I should see it when I sign the planner.
If you need something sent home, a folder, or a textbook this is a good place to let me know.  If it is something that needs more attention, please email me so I can contact you.  I check emails in the evening.

Weekly Test:  

Religion Test - Thursday
Spelling - Friday - 
Students will each receive a spelling list on Monday.  This list will most likely NOT correspond to the list in the student text.
(subject to change due to off days or Field Trips)

Religion Notes:  
Students will take notes in their Religion notebooks.  Students will need to study these notes for their weekly test.  A study guide will be provided for the Unit test.  If you are having difficulties in reading your child's notes please check the Blog tab notes/outlines.  I publish the Religion notes weekly.

Students will have outlines for Science and Social Studies.  The outlines are kept in the student's binder so please make sure the binder is sent back to school daily.  Use the outlines to study for the chapter tests.  You may want to review the information a little each night so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming.  We will usually have a test every 3-4 weeks.  We also alternate between the 2 subjects.  I publish the outline on my Blog.

Morning Work:  
Students will begin work as soon as they arrive in the classroom.  Each morning they will have 10 Math problems and 5 Language Arts problems to complete in their Morning notebooks.  At times, they will also work on Handwriting, Phonics, or Writing.  

Website Information:
I have links to helpful websites on the front page of my Blog.
1.    Math:  
One great thing about this series is the online site.  This site is an excellent resource for parents and students.  If a student needs extra practice on a skill, leaves a book at home and needs some examples, wants to drill/practice, needs a math dictionary or math manipulatives, would like to challenge themselves with some enrichment, or play some math games, then this is the place to go.  Please click on the link and check it out!

Contact information is listed first and helpful hints for test/outlines/websites follow.

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